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Editorial Reviews. Review. “Hunter expertly explores the tensions between responsibility and Survivors #1: The Empty City by [Hunter, Erin] .. Download. A sixty-page novella set in the world of the bestselling Survivors series by Erin Hunter! Since the first To read e-books on the BookShout App, download it on. From Erin Hunter, #1 nationally bestselling author of Warriors, Survivors is full of “ wild a To read e-books on the BookShout App, download it on: iPhone/iPad.

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Erin Hunter is inspired by a love of animals and a fascination with the ferocity of the natural world. As well as having great respect for nature in all its forms, Erin enjoys creating rich, mythical explanations for animal Survivors (Series). Book 1. Survivors Dog Books (Survivors Series By: Erin Hunter) by william_vandergraaf - a community-created list: This is a list featuring all the books in the Surviors By. Read “Survivors #1: The Empty City”, by Erin Hunter online on Bookmate – Now it's time for dogs to rule the world! From the author of the US smash hit series.

Friends, editors, and experts can help you find new and interesting books. I love this book! Very good writing, interesting! Library Search. Log in. Erin Hunter.

Warriors, omen of the stars ; 4. Seekers ; 5. Warriors, super edition ; [4]. Seekers ; [6]. Warriors, omen of the stars bk. Seekers ; [4]. Warriors, power of three ; bk. Seekers ; [3]. Warriors, super edition. Warriors, the new prophecy ; 5. Warriors, the new prophecy ; bk. Warriors ; bk. All he wanted to do was fling himself against the cage until it broke.

His hind legs kicked out wildly and he craned his head around, snapping at the wire. Sweet was gradually pulling the cage forward, stopping occasionally to scrabble at fallen stones with her paws.

Its looser now. Wait while I But Lucky could wait no longer. The cage door was torn at the upper corner, and he twisted until he could bite and claw at it. He worked his paw into the gap and pulled, hard.

The wire gave with a screech, just as Lucky felt a piercing stab in his paw padbut the door now hung at an awkward 9. Wriggling and squirming, he pulled himself free and stood upright at last. His tail was tight between his legs as tremors bolted through his skin and muscles. He and Sweet stared at the carnage and chaos around them. There were broken cagesand broken bodies.

A small, smooth-coated dog lay on the ground nearby, lifeless, eyes dull. Beneath the last wall that had fallen, nothing stirred, but a limp paw poked out from between stones. The scent of death was already spreading through the Trap House air. Sweet began to whimper with grief. What was that? What happened? I think Luckys voice shook, and he tried again. It was a Growl. I think the monster was a Big Growl We have to get away from here!

There was terror in Sweets whine. Lucky backed slowly away, shaking his head to dispel the death-smell. But it followed him, clinging to his nostrils. He glanced around, desperate. Where the wall had tumbled onto the other dog cages, the broken blocks had collapsed into a pile, and light shone bright through the haze of dust and smoke. There, Sweet, where the stones have crumbled in. Come on!

She needed no more urging, leaping up over the rubble. Aware of his wounded paw, Lucky picked his way more carefully, nervously glancing around for longpaws. Surely theyd come when they saw the destruction? He shuddered and quickened his pace, but even when he sprang down onto the street outside, following Sweets lead, there was no sign of any longpaws. Bewildered, he paused, and sniffed the air. It smelled so strange Lets get away from the Trap House, he told Sweet in a low voice.

I dont know whats happened, but we should go far away in case the longpaws come back. Sweet gave a sharp whine as her head drooped. Lucky, I dont think there are any longpaws left. Their journey was slow and silent except for the distant wail of broken loudcages. A sense of threat grew in Luckys belly; so many of the roads and alleys he knew were blocked. Still he persevered, nosing his way around the broken buildings through tangled, snaking coils torn from the ground.

Despite what Sweet thought, Lucky was sure that the longpaws would return soon. He wanted to be far away from the destroyed Trap House when they did. The sky was darkening by the time he felt it was safe to rest; Lucky sensed anyway that Sweet couldnt go much farther. Maybe swift-dogs werent as good at long journeys as they were at quick dashes. He gazed back the way theyd come, shadows lengthening across the ground, hiding spaces emerging in dark corners.

Lucky shiveredwhich other animals might be out there, scared and hungry? But they were both exhausted from escaping the Big Growl. Sweet barely managed to tread her ritual sleep-circle before she slumped to the ground, laid her head on her forepaws, and closed her troubled eyes.

Lucky pressed himself close against her flank for warmth and comfort. Ill stay awake for a while, he thought, Keep watch He woke with a start, shivering, his heart racing.

Hed slept no-sun away. His dreams were full of the distant rumbling of the Big Growl and an endless line of longpaws running away from him and loudcages whining and beeping. There was no sign of others here now.

The city seemed abandoned. Beneath the thorny scrub, Sweet slept on, the flanks of her sleek body gently rising and falling with each breath. Something about Sweets deep sleep was comforting, but suddenly he needed He nuzzled Sweets long face, licking her ears until she responded with a happy murmuring growl.

She got to her feet, sniffing and licking him in return. Hows that paw, Lucky? Her words instantly brought the sting back. Remembering the wound, he sniffed at his paw pad. An angry red mark scored the flesh, pulsing with pain. He licked it gently. It was closed, but only just, and he didnt want to make it bleed again.

Its better, I think, he said, more hopefully than he felt; then, as they both slunk out from beneath the dense branches, his spirits slumped.

The road before them was broken, wildly tilted, and cracked. Water sprayed into the sky from a long tube exposed by crumbling earth, making rainbows in the air.

And it wasnt just here; in the sloping city streets, as far as Lucky could see, the light of the rising Sun-Dog glinted on tangled metal. A slick of water lay where he remembered that there had once been gardens, and the longpaw homes that used to seem tall and indestructible were now crumpled as if pummeled by a giant longpaw fist.

The Big Growl, murmured Sweet, awestruck and afraid. Look what its done. Lucky shivered. You were right about the longpaws. There were packs and packs of them. Now I dont see a single one. He cocked his ears and tasted the air with his tongue: No fresh scents. Even the loudcages arent moving. Lucky tilted his head toward one of them, tipped onto its side, its snout half-buried in a collapsed wall.

Light gleamed from its metal flanks but there was no roar and grumble; it seemed dead. Sweet looked startled. I always wondered what those were for. What did you call it? Lucky gave her a doubtful look. She didnt know what a loudcage was? You knowlongpaws use them to get around. They cant run as fast as we can.

He couldnt believe she didnt know this most basic detail about the longpaws. It gave him a bad feeling about setting out with her. Sweets navet wouldnt be much help when they were trying to survive. Lucky sniffed the air again.

The citys new smell made him uneasy. There was a rottenness, a lingering whiff of death and danger. It doesnt smell like a home for dogs anymore, he thought. He padded over to where water sprayed from a wound in the In the sunken hole was an oily lake, its surface shimmering with rainbow colors. It gave off an odd smell that Lucky didnt like, but he was too thirsty to care and lapped the water greedily, doing his best to ignore the foul taste. Beside him he saw Sweets reflection as she also drank.

She was the first to lift her dripping muzzle, licking her pointed chops. Its too quiet, she murmured. We need to get out of this longpaw town. Sweets fur lifted. We should go to the hills. Find a wild place. Were as safe here as anywhere else, said Lucky. We can use the old longpaw housesmaybe find food. And there are plenty of hiding places, believe me.

Plenty of places for other things to hide, she retorted, bristling. I dont like it. What do you have to be scared of? Her legs looked long enough to race through high grasses and her frame was slender and light.

I bet you can run faster than anything! Not around corners, I cant. She glanced nervously to left and right. And a city has lots of corners. I need space to run. Thats where I can pick up speed. Lucky scanned the area, too. She was rightthe buildings crowded in on them. Maybe she had good reason to be edgy. Lets Some of those longpaws might still be close by, whether we can see them or not. I dont want to go back to the Trap House. Me neither, Sweet agreed, her lip curling to show her strong white teeth.

We should start looking for more dogs. We need a good, strong Pack! Luckys muzzle wrinkled in doubt. He was not a Pack Dog. He had never understood what there was to like about living with a big mob of dogs, all dependent on one another, and having to submit to an Alpha.

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He didnt need anyones help, and the last thing he wanted was someone who needed his. Just the thought of relying on other dogs made his skin prickle. Obviously that isnt how Sweet feels, he thought. She was enthusiastic now, rattling off stories. You would have loved my Pack!

Hunter survivors ebook download erin

We ran together, and hunted together, catching rabbits and chasing rats She became more subdued, and looked longingly toward the outskirts of the wrecked town.

Then the longpaws came and spoiled everything. Lucky couldnt help responding to the sadness in her voice. Sweet shook herself. They rounded us up. So many of them, and all in the same brown fur! Staying together, thats what got us Thats Pack law. We stuck together, in good times and Sweet paused, her dark eyes distant, unable to repress an unhappy whimper.

Your Pack was with you in the Trap House, murmured Lucky sympathetically. She came to an abrupt halt. Wait, Lucky, we have to go back! He darted in front of her as she spun around, blocking her way. No, Sweet! We have to!

Lucky scrambled sideways to stop her from slipping past him. Theyre my Packmates. I cant leave until I find whats happened to them! If any of them are still No, Sweet! Lucky barked. You saw how it was in that place!

But we might have missed Sweet.

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He tried a gentler tone, tentatively licking her unhappy face. Back there, its ruined. Theyre all dead, gone to the EarthDog. And we cant hang around herethe longpaws might come back That seemed to convince her.

Hunter ebook download survivors erin

Sweet glanced over her shoulder once more, then turned away again. With a deep sigh she began to walk on. Lucky tried not to show his relief. He walked close beside her, their flanks brushing with every second step. Did you have friends in the Trap House, too? Sweet asked. No thanks. Im a Lone Dog. Sweet gave him an odd glance. Theres no such thing. Every dog needs a Pack! Not me. I like being on my own.

I mean, Im sure a Packs best for some dogs, he added hurriedly to spare her feelings, but Ive walked alone since I left my Pup Pack. He couldnt repress the proud lift of his head.

Survivors #1: The Empty City

I can look after myself. Theres no better place for a dog than the city. Ill show you! Theres food for the finding, and warm crannies to sleep in, and shelter from the rain But is that still true? For a moment he hesitated, letting his eyes rove over the smashed streets, the shattered walls and broken clear-stones, the tilting roads and abandoned loudcages.

This isnt safe, Lucky thought. We need to get out of here as soon as we can. Not that he was going to share that fear with Sweet; she was already so anxious. If only there were some distraction There!

Lucky gave a high bark of excitement. Theyd turned a corner, and right in the road was another wreck. Lucky scentedfood! He broke into a run, leaping in delight onto the side of the huge overturned metal box.

Hed seen longpaws throwing things they didnt want into these, locking them afterward so that Lucky was never able to feast on the unwanted food. But now the box was on its side, the half-rotten contents spilled out across the ground. Black crows were hopping and jabbing around the piles. Lucky held his head high and barked as loud as he could.

The crows cawed, alarmed, as they half fluttered away. Sweet followed, barking happily. As Lucky nosed his way through the mound of scraps, he heard the dull fluttering of wings as the crows descended again.

He leaped and snapped his jaws at an indignant bird and it darted into the air, its wings beating strongly. Lucky sent a final snarl after the departing crow as he landed back on the ground, his paws skidding in the dirt. Immediately his wounded pad howled with pain. It was like the fangs of the most vicious dog, biting all the way up his leg. He couldnt hold back his whimper of distress.

As Sweet dashed through the cloud of crows, chasing them clear, Lucky sat down and licked the hurt away.

He eagerly sniffed the air, enjoying the scent coming off the piles of discarded items that had spilled out across the ground. Contentment began to settle over him again, and he was distracted from his pain. For a while the happy mood lingered as Lucky and Sweet snuffed out the delicacies the crows had left. Sweet pulled chicken bones from a cardboard bucket, and Lucky found a crust of bread, but the pickings were poor, especially after theyd worked up such an appetite.

Were going to starve in this city. Sweet whined, licking an empty box that had once held some food. She pinned it down with one paw as she poked her nose inside.

I promise we wont. Its not all scavenging. Luckys mind was flooded with an image of a place he used to visit. He nudged Sweets flank affectionately. Ill take you somewhere where well eat like Leashed Dogs. Sweets ears pricked up. This place will change your mind about cities.

Lucky trotted confidently down the road, his mouth already watering at the prospect of food. Sweet was right behind him. It Usually by now, hed be itching for solitude, but Maybe the Big Growl had changed more than just the city. He had expected to see other dogs by now, and certainly a few longpaws. But the city was empty and far too quiet. At least they had found a few stale scent-marks; that was reassuring.

He stopped to sniff at an upturned longpaw seat that had been marked by a male Fierce Dog. They cant be far. Sweet interrupted his thoughts. She bent her muzzle to the scent, ears lifting. This is a strong message. And there are others! Cant you smell them? The fur on Luckys shoulders bristled: Why was Sweet so determined to find a Pack?

Wasnt his company enough? These dogs must be long gone now, he said, backing away. We wont catch up any time soon. Sweet raised her nose in the air.

They smell nearby to me. But this only smells strong because it was their territory. They marked it over and over.

Im telling you, Sweet, theyre far away already. I can pick out their scent in the distance. Sweet sounded doubtful again. But I could catch up with them. I can catch anything. Why dont I just let her? Lucky wondered. If shes so desperate to find a Pack, I should just tell her to run away as fast as she likes. Instead, he found himself rumbling a warning growl. No, Sweet, you cant. Shouldnt, I mean, he added quickly as she bristled.

You dont know the city; you could get lost. Frustrated, Sweet cast her nose around in the air, then barked angrily. Why did this happen, Lucky? I was fine before. My Pack was fine! We were so happy in the open country, and we didnt do any harm to the longpaws. If theyd only left us alone, if they hadnt rounded us up into that awful Trap House Shed come to a miserable halt, and Lucky sat down beside her, wishing he could think of something to say.

But he wasnt used to being responsible for another dog. Already it gave him an ache in his heart that he would rather live without. He opened his jaws to try to reason with her some more, but stopped, gaping, as a gang of fierce, furious creatures tumbled, yowling and squealing, into the street right in front of them.

Lucky felt fear tear through his hackles as his back stiffened. At first, he thought the fighting bundles of fur and teeth were sharpclaws, but then he realized they were differentvery different.

These animals were round and bushy-tailed, and they didnt hiss. They werent dogs, and they werent huge rats. Lucky gave an alarmed yelp, but the creatures didnt respondthey were too busy squabbling over a carcass that was so ripped and torn, he couldnt tell what it had once been.

Next to him, Sweet stood alertly, her eyes on the other animals. She took a moment to nuzzle his neck. Dont worry about them; they wont hurt us. Are you sure? Hed caught sight of the face of one of them, a sinister black mask that seemed full of vicious little teeth. Theyre raccoons, Sweet replied. Well be fine if we give them a wide berth. Try not to show too much interest and they wont feel threatened.

I bet theyre as hungry as we are. Lucky followed Sweets lead to the far sidewalk. She shot the raccoons a fierce, bristling glare as she went. Lucky copied her, feeling prickles of anxiety in the roots of his fur.

Were not the only ones looking to fill our bellies, he realized. With everything torn from the ground and lying in ruins, easy pickings This was about survival now. He picked up his pace, keen to put as much space as he could between themselves and the raccoons. A few streets beyond, Lucky tasted familiar air and gave a happy bark. It was the alley hed been looking for! He ran forward a few paces, then sat down and scratched at his ear with a hindpaw, enjoying the moment, anticipating Sweets delight.

The delicious smell of food was getting stronger. Here, at least, he could guarantee a meal. I promise, you wont regret this. She padded up behind him and cocked her head quizzically. What is this place? He nodded at the panes of clear stone. There were long tubes there. Normally they breathed chicken-scented steam into the airbut not today. Still, this was definitely right. Excited, he turned a couple of circles, tail wagging quickly.

Its a Food House. A place where longpaws give food to other longpaws! But were not longpaws, she pointed out. Whos going to give food to us? Just you watch. Lucky jumped forward mischievously, dodging around tumbled trash cans and a small heap of rubble.

He tried not to think about how ruined everything was, or that they hadnt seen a single longpaw walking the streets. Well do what Old Hunter does.

Hes the expert! Sweet brightened.

Hunter ebook erin download survivors

Old Hunter? Is he a Packmate of yours? I told you, I dont have a Pack. Old Hunter is just a friend. Even Lone Dogs can find huntingmates, you know! Watch this. Copy what I do It was such an easy method of getting food, and it took no time to learnLucky was pleased to be able to teach Sweet something. He sat back on his haunches, tilted his head, and let his tongue loll out.

Sweet slowly slinked around him, studying the posture.


Her head cocked. I dont understand, she whined. Just trust me, Lucky growled. Sweet whined again, then turned to sit down beside Lucky as she did her best to copy him. Thats it! Now, lift one ear a little higher. Like this, see? And a friendly mouthlook hungry but hopeful!

You got it! Lucky wagged his tail as he gave Sweet an affectionate nudge with his muzzle. Then he turned his attention back to the Food House door, and waited. A longpaw would spot them soon. Slow Darkness Falls. Erin Hunter Survivors: The Gathering Darkness 1: A Pack Divided. Erin Hunter Survivors 4: The Broken Path. On the bookshelves All.

Erin Hunter shelf. To read. Impressions All. Sign in or Register. Report this. Quotes All. They were both exhausted from escaping the Big Growl.