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It was the memory of a wish, a wish to visit every star in the galaxy.

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But that wish, and the dreams that went with it, had belonged to someone else, a child who lived a long time ago and was no more. In the dream, he was an older boy, but still years away from manhood. He was inside the open cockpit of a small repulsorlift vehicle, soaring over rocky terrain at an incredibly high speed. Two strong cables were secured to a parallel pair of long engines in front of the vehicle, and the gap between the engines was bridged by an arc of crackling energy.

Several similar vehicles swerved through the ravine in front of him, and the noise of their engines, echoing off the rocky walls, was almost deafening. With fearless precision, Anakin accelerated and whipped past the other vehicles. Out of the corners of his eyes, he caught fleeting glimpses of his competition. Anakin had dreamed of other worlds before, but never anyplace like this.

Launching out of the ravine, Anakin led the other racers across a wide expanse of desert flats.

He knew the finish line was in that arena. Suddenly, his left engine began to shudder, violently jolting the cable that linked the engine to his vehicle. Anakin was struggling to maintain control when his right engine let out a loud whine, then both engines began to nose toward the ground.

The shuddering sensation and loud whine of an engine continued as Anakin opened his eyes. Before they had boarded the freighter, a crewman had explained that only paying passengers were allowed to know their destination in advance, and all others — for security reasons — would just have to wait. Shmi had hoped to make Anakin feel better about the situation by reminding him that she always liked surprises, but he sensed she was scared. Moving carefully to avoid bumping the surrounding people, Shmi lifted her son and held him close against her chest.

Anakin smiled back and held up three fingers. The hatch finally opened and the compartment was instantly flooded by a blast of hot, dry air. The heat reminded Anakin of his dream. The people filed out of the freighter.

They found themselves on a sandy stretch of land near a cluster of domed, low-level adobe structures. Anakin knew enough Huttese to comprehend that Gardulla was eager to see something called a Podrace. Yes, I see. Anakin was wondering if living quarters meant more than one room when the Anx was interrupted by the loud report of a blaster pistol that sounded like it came from the nearby adobe buildings. At the sound of the shot, Anakin stood still while everyone else near the freighter flinched, ducked, or dived for cover behind the few cargo containers that had already been removed from the ship.

Shmi threw her body protectively in front of her son, but he pushed his arms out, pressing away from her so he could see what was happening.

A reptilian humanoid bolted out from an alley between two adobe buildings and ran toward the freighter. As it drew closer, Anakin saw the runner was a lean Arcona with an anvil-shaped head and clear, marblelike eyes.

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A moment later, two blaster-wielding men jumped from the alley, and Anakin realized the Arcona was running for his life. The guards spread out quickly.

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Without breaking his pace, the Arcona elbowed a guard aside and dodged another. Anakin could see that the Arcona was trying to get away from his pursuers, but he had no idea where the Arcona was trying to go.

Except for some low dunes, the surrounding land was almost entirely flat, with no other ships or vehicles in sight.


Nowhere to hide, Anakin thought. Anakin felt sorry for the Arcona and wished he could help. He was about two meters away from Anakin when his body erupted in a small explosion. He turned quickly to look at the two men who had chased the Arcona away from the buildings.

Neither man had fired a blaster.

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Anakin was observant enough to realize that the Arcona had not been shot, and that some explosive device had detonated within him. Anakin ignored her and kept his eyes on what was left of the Arcona.

A few of the guards and the Anx attendant walked over to inspect the smoldering mess. Anakin felt his throat become painfully dry. The Rise and Fall of Darth Vader.

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Star Wars: The Rise and Fall of Darth Vader eBook – Exclusive Excerpt! |

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