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Generated in 0. Zlib compression disabled. Active Topics Past 24 hours Past 48 hours Past 7 days. You are not logged in. Considered a Modern Day Crowley by some, all the Jelly occultists are coming out of the woodwork to revel in his arrest. I don't see what the big deal is, he's out on bail. In some of his past videos he alluded to evading the law due to some illegal activity.

You don't really have to be impressed by his wares, he was able to bullshit plenty. Those poor dolts that are upset over finding out he's a carpet cleaner - is pretty amusing. I saw this the other day and thought about posting about it, but then I'm like, "Naaah, if it's Satan-scene gossip, SIN3 will be pouncing on this like a fat kid on cake.

God living download a become ebook free

I don't want to play the moralist here, or join the "let's all kick EA while he's down" mob, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel a little smidgeon of schadenfreude from all this. Now of course, it's hard to make Youtube videos while you're in jail, but smart white boys like him usually don't stay for too long, and given the likely outcome I don't think this will really make that much of an impact on his rep.

Once you get people believing they can buy Godhood from you, they're not that difficult to influence. I'm pretty sure his hardcore fanboys will not be dissuaded, either by excusing it or admiring it--he does try to give off the 'bad boy' vibe, after all, and this plays right into that image.

Or if he wants a change of scenery, he can always become an evangelical preacher of the "former Satanist" variety, and sell books and talks about he used to be an evil black magician up to his neck in tits and dope, until Jesus turned his life around. Either way, the man has gotta make his meth money somehow, and he is nothing if not persistent. I have faith in him. As a sidebar, the name E. Koetting is somehow relevant to my consciousness. I just can't remember how. Was it a book? It sure wasn't YT.

He was involved in something I remember, I just can't remember what. Can anyone help me here? This is not trolling, this is me trying to remember a memory.

Ebook download become living a god free

He did something of significance once. I just wish I could remember it. Oh, and I spell everything right. I can't say what's kicking around in your brain but he did do a few interviews with Michael W. Ford LINK and belts out books at the same speed. I don't know if that helps. Is there now something wrong with writing books and making money?

Are we really all judging Matt Koetting for his recreational drug use? It only seems to me that too many relish in the downfall of another. Not very Satanic if you ask me. I'm sure you're not asking though. What he does to pay the bills is his business, what he does for recreation is also, if he breaks the law and gets caught, that's too bad I suppose. Who cares? I actually have read a few of his books and didn't think they were that bad.

Maybe not the philosophically deepest literature out there but certainly not the worst is that a word? Did you even read my post or just a few lines then assume I'm wagging my finger? Outstanding comprehension.

Meet The Author

Or was that just a general reply? I never read anything you say. And I certainly don't hear anything you type. I thought you knew that by now. Just in case you didn't, I'm not replying to something you might or might not have said. I have read some of his works, and they were interesting, but contrived, uninspired, and a strange collection of borrowed ideas.

As for the man himself, it seems very transparent for a man who claims to have the keys to attaining godhead to need something as mundane as drug money to support himself. And I have to say that it goes against criminal behavior to conduct two crimes at the same time.

If you are carrying a gun, don't carry drugs. If you do both, the chance of getting caught goes way up, and the penalties get extreme. I would expect a god to grasp that simple concept. I still think Eternity offered a fairly standard introduction to the practice of evocation.

His Questing After Visions turned out not to be so good in my opinion.

At least not for me. This stuff may impress a beginner but for me proved to be unnecessary. However, after seeing the above and taking a look at his "Become a Living God" site I strongly suspect actually it's just painfully obvious that this guy is taking the piss.

God download become ebook free a living

I do find it very amusing though. So really he is more "grounded" than I originally thought because I kind of wish I had thought of this kind of scam. He's probably making a good living perhaps as a god for himself with this rubbish as if his over-priced books weren't enough. Edited by Nalyd Khezr Bey, 23 July - He is after the low hanging fruit. That is both his income and his pathwork.

Become A Living God eBook | E.A. Koetting

He promotes himself and sells his image to the weak, inexperienced, gullible, and stupid. Those who fall under spell become steady cash flow and those who have been scammed and learned from it grow. I find what he does laughable but in some respects I give it to him, he does what a good ole black magician should.

Scam, steal, trick, and flim-flam his way right into doing his WIll. Still it's bloody good for a laugh. Every time I see someone kissing his ass there or singing his praises, I check their posting history thinking they are dummy accounts.

But they're real! I swear, some of those people would pay for his used toilet paper if he told them it could be used for magic. He's got to be using some sort of glamor or something.

He released some online seminar thing today teaching his third godlike power, and I just couldn't hold it in anymore, had to make this. Because what is seeing?

My job? To take that most precious of gifts you give me, your attention, and use it against you. Magus Senior Member Old Timers posts.

I've been frequenting his site, and what's really weird is the number of people who think he's a rock star. EAK was fairly down to earth. I've read a bit of his early books, nothing new, but that's not unique to Eric's stuff But after the whole BALG launch, the "sham wow" factor does seem to have taken over.

Though even now, I've had some limited interaction with him at other forums than his. And, he still comes off fairly normal. Plenty of self confidence sure, but honestly he doesn't come off like he does in the videos and marketing materials.

However, his fanboys that have shelled out all that cash for his stuff My experience has been that his customers worship him.

Has any one worked with any of E.A. Koetting's material?

And don't have a lick of either discernment, or occult education outside of the BALG system. Eric seems to not care about the criticisms, I have to hand that to him. He doesn't run around defending himself.

But, on other forums, I've seen a criticism of him explode with his fans coming out of the woodwork to defend their messiah. Scarier than the marketing of BALG are the sad folks that lap it up and come back for more.

I think that sums it up fairly succinctly. I first saw Koetting in his "Evoking to physical manifestation" video on YouTube and thought that he was a really down-to-earth guy who had a lot of practical knowledge to offer Learn magick rituals that awaken your clairvoyance, so you can perform deadly accurate divination readings, and communicate with spirits.

Here's how to get Omniscience, and have the power to know anything, anytime Watch Now: Learn everything from making blood pacts, to trapping entities, to undergoing demonic possession. Like Now: Menu Search. More stuff.