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Download: epub mobi (Kindle) lrf more. pdb. Price: Free! Tags: erotica anal bdsm dubious consent oral kidnapped dark erotica capture cj. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. CJ Roberts is an independent writer. She favors dark and Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Literature & Fiction . $ Read with Our Free App; Audiobook. $ Free with. To ask other readers questions about Seduced in the Dark, please sign up. Popular Shelves: abducted, cheaters-suck, ebooks-i-own, do-me-baby, erotica-dark, .. Spoiler Free Review Download app for iOS Download app for Android.

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CJ Roberts is an independent writer. She favors dark and erotic stories with taboo twists and her work has been called both sexy and disturbing in the same sentence. She was born and raised in Southern California. Following high school, she joined the U. Air Force in , served ten years and traveled the world. She is married to an amazing and talented man who never stops impressing her; they have two beautiful daughters. Filtering Exclude erotica Include mainstream erotica Include all erotica.

Sie hat sich mit ihren zwanzig Jahre bereits ein eigenes Leben aufgebaut. Doch eines Abends lernt sie unfreiwillig Darius kennen, er verfolgt sie und versetzt sie in Angst und Schrecken. Aber ich brachte keinen Ton heraus. Einziges Problem: Daddy Romance. Heald The Nature of Seduction Part 1 Fiction English 2 Words Ages 18 and up Ariel is an erotic dancer from a small town who gets her rocks off on seducing men in every way possible.

She is always in control and has never been in love because of her mind set on men and what she thought they were only good for. What Ariel didnt expect to find was a man, Adam Everett, who could seduce her instead, and once she hears why Her new found gifts have taken over her mind and she wont let anyone stand in her way of getting what she wants and what she needs.

She thinks she is in control, but it's the beast inside that controls her. She doesnt know if her lover boy, Adam, can keep with the beast that tears her apart from the inside out.

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Shorn of her glorious raven tresses and dressed as a man, Lady Antonia Lamb became Lord Anthony Lamb, desperate to keep the property entailed to her twin brother, who is missing at sea. A rake whose scarred face and ice-blue eyes made strong women weak, Adam Savage, legendary adventurer, vowed to take young Tony to the fleshpots of London; to teach him everything a young heir should know.

Her work has been translated into fourteen languages. Petersburg, Florida. Read An Excerpt. Historical Romance Regency Romance Category: Historical Romance Regency Romance. Paperback —. Dealing with Caleb was all about perspective. What a Wicked Erotic Feast!! Holy Hell, I am a sick fuck!! How can my heart belong to murdering, human trafficking, rapist!?!? But Caleb is no prince charming. He is the monster that nightmares are made of. Caleb Olivia has been through hell.

She's been beaten, abducted, raped, and told that she will b Dealing with Caleb was all about perspective. She's been beaten, abducted, raped, and told that she will become a sex slave. Livvie is a survivor that has managed to stay strong. But even she is afraid that all of Caleb's mind fuckery has affected her. Because, how can a sane person love their captor? Caleb has wanted Livvie from the moment he laid eyes on her.

But she was never meant to be his. She was just a tool. A weapon to be used for revenge. Damn these two were beyond intense! Their passion was off the charts. Caleb's jealousy over his Kitten was palpable and almost violent. Livvie was a pawn to be used sexually, but Caleb couldn't stand the thought of another man touching her. I just want my freedom. I want to be free, Caleb. You will experience a vast range of emotions while reading this book.

This book had it all. It was a Wicked Erotic feast! Fast paced but very thorough. CJ Roberts weaves a violent tale of lust, love, trust, and the ultimate betrayal. There is blackmail, murder, rape, and violence. There were jaw dropping moments that I would have never predicted. The secondary characters are so vivid and have depth. I loved Felipe and Celia's characters. And Agents Sloan and Reed were perfect. I craved more of them also There is no black or white. The lines get blurred and everything is gray.

You will hate a character one moment, then feel sympathy or love for them two chapters later. I have to admire any author that can play my emotions with such ease.

I look forward to more from C. Roberts because she really brought her A game with this series!! Apr 22, Rhonda rated it it was amazing Shelves: I understood. He was a man, and I? I was nothing but a girl, not even a woman. All this, from a simple touch. Roberts Captive in the Dark In http: I'll admit, it was cover love that first got my attention but, it seemed from the moment I read the blurb I was compelled to read this book.

Roberts challenged me in so many ways as a reader, she took me completely out of my comfort zone, she gave me an anti-hero that I should have hated and made me love him! No matter how dark Captive in the Dark was, I continued to turn the pages.

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By the time I finished, I was a hot mess of emotions, and that little masochist in me wanted more of this story desperately! I fully credit Mrs. Roberts for seducing me to the dark side. I was fortunate enough to be a beta reader for this book, and thus begins my journey into The Dark Duet 2. This will not be a plot review, as I don't want to spoil anything for the reader. Roberts has an incredible literary talent that goes beyond just the words on the page.

She has the ability to reach inside you and provoke a wide array of feelings and emotions. They may not always be pleasant, but for an author to be able to do what she does is incredible. This story washed trough me in waves of love, anger, pleasure, sorrow, heartbreak, and at times even humor. I can't even begin to tell you how devastatingly beautiful this book is written. I can see the growth Roberts has made as a writer, and she has a wonderful voice, keep your eye on this author she is a talent on the rise, I truly believe that!

She's willful, stubborn and challenges Caleb on so any levels. Olivia and Caleb were scorchingly hot in this book! The dubious consent isn't as prevalent in this story. Olivia is even funny at times even when the current situation is messed up, she'll have something funny fly out of her mouth. Livvy also wears her heart on her sleeve, and there are times it's almost costly for herself and Caleb.

Oh how much I adore him! I started loving him in the first book, but after this book I fell completely in love! There were a couple of times I wanted to throttle him. But some of his actions would later come back to haunt him. He's so complex, and damaged. The man that started this journey for retribution, ended up on a path of self-discovery and intense heartbreak.

His story absolutely tore me up, it ripped my heart to shreds!!

Captive in the Dark (The Dark Duet)

There has always been something unsettling to me about him. Caleb's savior, his mentor, and his teacher of sorts. It has bothered me to no end that Caleb feels he owes Rafiq unconditionally, and is constantly browbeaten with it.

We also meet a couple of interesting new characters, Dr. Sloan and Agent Reed. It's actually the banter between these two characters and Olivia that provide some of the laughs in this story. The dynamics between Sloan and Reed could make for it's own story in the future To the returning readers of this series, I can say this You absolutely won't be disappointed. This story is one helluva ride you won't want to miss. As I approached the last quarter of the story, I felt like I stepped into a Quentin Tarantino film, it was fabulous!

There were so many twists and turns to the plot, things that took me by surprise! The writing is crisp, the plot is tight, and I wasn't able to find any holes. This book is not mainstream erotica, there's a brilliant story being told, and it ended up being one of my favorite books ever! View all 53 comments. Sep 09, Kellie Maddox-Ward rated it it was amazing Shelves: I mean he is a sick fuck, a child stolen from his parents, sold as a whore and then trained to a cold hearted killer who kidnaps girls and trains them to be sex slaves all for his quest for revenge.

I loved this book. BUT the way this book made me feel?! I cried, well actually sobbed in parts! Had a smirk like the cat that got the cream, smiled, sighed, and squirmed. Just ugh. I'm not sure if I can put it on here so I didnt but go and check it out! View all 10 comments. Oct 07, Tara rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jesus H I am gutted. I can't even function right now. There will never be another story I will love as much.

Holy hell CJ. I have no words that would do this story justice. No words. View all 19 comments. I fucking loved this book. I love it so much. I felt nothing but hollow inside after it was done. Whatever words that I spew out for this review will never do it justice. Never had I wanted to laugh, and weep, and fuck, and devour another human being until there was nothing left of him — until we were one person and I could feel peace.

Roberts is one hell of a writer. The woman has got some mad skills when it comes to story telling. Holy Fuck was this story brilliantly crafted. This was not an easy read. Far from it. Roberts did not hold back the punches and I thank God, and C. It would not have been the same if she had. This story will strip you bare, leaving you raw, traumatized and vulnerable. I literally hurt. My heart ached and my mind thoroughly fucked. This is not a pretty story. The journey is dark and filled with unimaginable things.

You will not be the same when the journey is done. It seemed to Caleb, the nature of human being revolved around one empirical truth: Caleb is one tortured soul. I literally cried when we find out more about his past. It is tremendously heartbreaking. I love him. I will repeat. I love Caleb. That despite his violent, brutal and painful past, he is just a man wanting to be accepted and loved.

At least that is my theory. He seeks acceptance from Rafiq, the man who freed Caleb from his hell. He owes him everything and will do anything in his power to please him.

He has remained loyal to him through everything. Caleb has his doubts about her. Livvie acts like she wants to run away with him; to only love him. Because there is no way that a woman like Livvie would ever desire to be with a monster like him…right? My heart, independent of my logic, had reserved a place for my tormentor and my solace.

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Even after all the mind games, the torment, the heartaches that Caleb dishes out, there is no doubt Livvie is in love with him. Her strong will is the main reason why I love her. Caleb constantly tests her will, trying to push her away, but she is one tough and stubborn woman. Her relationship with Caleb is complex to say the least, but Holy Mother, it is scorching. I should hate you, Caleb.

I should want to kill you. Like Livvie, my emotions were everywhere. I was so conflicted. Did I enjoy my mind being fucked and toyed with? If that makes me fucked up, so be it. My mind is free and open to explore new things.

I feel liberated and I feel phenomenal. Thank you, C. You are one amazing writer and I look forward to all of your future works. View all 55 comments. The word was a declaration. It rocked him to his very foundation.

Her struggle to survive and to have faith in only one person to save her is the one who happens to be her abuser. And you're mine, only mine.

It was dark, gritty and in so many levels disturbing yet a story so beautiful leaving you overwhelmed with emotional. Her writing is powerful and compelling that I love her for breaking my heart, fueling my rage, questioning my sense of judgement and making me fall in love with a monster. View all 59 comments.

Jul 20, Angie - Angie's Dreamy Reads rated it it was amazing. There are the kinds of books that come along once in awhile that leave you feeling like you've just had a mind, body and soul experience! As I was reading the book I felt so many intense emotions. It was brilliantly mind numbing, gripping and dark. I had earned those tears, and I would wear them as a symbol of everything I had been through.

They represented all the pain I had suffered, the love I felt, and the ocean of loss sweeping through my soul. I had finally learned to obey and never looked back. We start out with Livvie in a hospital talking about her time with Caleb and are taken through the months of her captivity and slavery. You will go through an extremely hard and intense journey learning all that Livvie has been through and all that she has seen.

The book unfolds brilliantly. You go from hopeful to crazy angry to devastatingly sad in a very short amount of time. She does what she needs to; to survive after the torture and abuse she has gone through in the hands of Caleb and the other monsters in this book. While Livvie recounts her abuse you feel extremely violated and sick. Her love and hope in Caleb is so complex and sometimes really hard to stomach. Seduced in the dark took me on a journey that no other book has ever taken me on.

CJ Roberts is amazing and I stand in Awe of her. Reading it was a full body experience. This series will leave you stunned, fuzzy headed and in withdrawal for more of Caleb and Livvie.

View all 22 comments. Fucking Anything! I could throw you face down and fuck you until you can't stand and there would be nothing you could do about it. You're beaten, bruised and damn near broken. I could kill you This book, NO this series was perfect. It was brought full circle with the ultimate betrayal in a gut-wrenching, jaw dropping heartbreaking way. And all points lead to Caleb. Thanks for making me a fighter Fueled by his desire to seek vengence Caleb continues forward with his plan to sell Livvie in order to kill his enemy Vladek Rostrovich.

Now in route to meet with Rafiq, Caleb knows his time with Livve is limited. He has to stay on the course he started even when his heart begins to rebel against it.

He knows she is just playing with him the same way he has played with her. She is smart her survival depends on him she is also strong willed and determined. He is very aware of the fact that someday she may seek revenge against him. Tug of War As revenge powered Caleb to do some unthinkable things. It seemed like every time his love for her would surface he would beat it back down by taking his cruelty to another level.

Just when I think things couldn't get worse. They did. And Livvie Well, when she cried I cried. But through her tears she became the epitome of resilience. Beg me Choose me Time he made her beg it bit him in the ass.

Because soon after her love would reach out for him to choose Her love said Choose me Want me Love me more than revenge and over loyalty. Oh Livvie my heart broke for her a thousand times over. Fave lines and internal monologues 'I'm crying again and I hate myself for it. Why won't my face stop leaking! I won't let anyone inside you.

Nice of Caleb to make me part of dinner. I'd been razed by pain, grief, loss and suffering, and honed by lust, rage, and an acute awareness of my need to survive. Why should you read it? I'll tell you why! Because it is story telling at it's greatest!

Beautifully crafted. Roberts sculpted, shaped, carved and molded this series to perfection. It brought forth highs and lows for me. I felt like i had been sucked into a black hole from the soul churning story unfolding before my eyes.

When i started the book I was in an uproar saying to myself -What is going on? My preferred cup of tea! Now go forth and read. And then tell us about it on Goodreads! Strong language and graphic Violence View all 47 comments. May 15, Juls rated it it was amazing Shelves: Just WOW! I felt it all. The guilt, the jealousy, the sorrow, and at the end of it all I felt the desperation and need to run away from it. Roberts has an amazing way of weaving a story to keep the reader guessing at which way the story will go.

There are so many twists and turns that you almost get whiplash from the force of the revelations. And boy are there some doozies!!! There were moments I had to do a double take at what I had just read. From the first word to the last, you wont be disappointed!!! It was the same set up, went from present to past with the police questioning the victim.

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It had me holding my breath as I eagerly waited for the next blow. Livvi was a victim in Captive in the Dark. Not in this one. Yes there are moments where Caleb treats her as his slave but behind closed doors something has blossomed into unfamiliar territory, for both of them. Livvi never felt love from anyone, not even from her own mother and Caleb oh my poor poor Caleb. He whisks her away and takes all his anger and lust out of her. Caleb takes what is his and wont let go of Kitten.

Deep down he knows that Rafiq will not like the turn of events but he is hopeful that things will work out in his favor.

Rafiq, what a sick and twisted man. He more evil and very calculating in his game. He will stop at nothing to get his revenge. In the end the student exceeds his teacher.

Agent Reed has been questioning Livvi for days and at first she reveals nothing. Slowly with the assistance of Dr. Its full of tragic loss and Reed cant help but relate. I am so happy to say with all the shit that went down there is a HEA!

I promise! There is light at the end of the of the dark tunnel! View all 28 comments. Aug 26, Annie Brewer rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was I just. Gah, my emotions are everywhere right now. I seriously need time to process what I just read. Maybe tomorrow I can write a proper review. But holy shit.

LOVE him!!!! So I will have to rectify the situation-what an absurd ordeal. Though out of the two, I would have to say this book is my favorite. And yes, it's MUCH more intense, darker, more hair pulling, eye gauging, wanna slap a bitch up fucked up book and I wouldn't have it any other way!!!!

I seriously wanted to scream, punch holes in the wall, throw my laptop and phone down on the ground in surrender and ram my car into a tree. That is how disturbing and dark this book is. My thoughts became so volatile and wretched, I had to force myself to stop reading sometimes.

It consumed me-my every thought. I was a wreck. I couldn't sleep well and I didn't eat much while reading this for fear of retching. Some parts were so appalling I didn't know why I was reading it. I kept saying, "What the fuck am I still enamored by this damn book? It's making me sick. Yeah, I was in love with Caleb. I'm guilty! You think I'm just some idiot that fell for your bullshit!

Well you're wrong! I fell in love with you, Caleb. I fell in love with your sick sense of humor. I fell in love with the way you protected me. You saved my life! God, how I love him! He's mine Livvie! But daaaaaaamn, I hadn't anticipated all the sharp turns and hills, going up and down, side to side then plummeting to my death. Woaaaaah, let's put on the breaks please. This ride was a lot of things. All the things we discover about these characters made me say "WHAT????

Oh how I loved this stupid awesome girl.

We both had something in common in falling for the psycho sicko. She was such a stronger more fearless girl in this book. Everything she went through made her so brave. You felt her pain, literally. You wanted to hold her while she cried and tell her it would be okay-or just take her and run the fuck out of there.

You wanted to protect her and keep her safe from those sick fucks! You just wanted to be there to support her. I admire Olivia's character very much. Oh my gosh, the pain, agony, despair she suffered through most of it was enough to send you to the mental house.

I really loved her. I found myself though, wishing I was in her place. Yes, I'm a total whack job, I know. But it's true. I'll take her place. You hear that Caleb???

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I'll be your prisoner! Livvie Quotes: Please, don't leave me. Pure lust lives inside him. Every breath I take should come from his lungs. Even before I met you. Oh my, what to really say about Caleb?? I loved him in Captive. Though he was fucked up in that one too-but worse in this book. I came to love him more. In Seduced, we really see another side to him that we're not used to.

It's a wonderful side but still very unfamiliar. One minute he shows a smidge of kindness then the next he's whipping her like a dog. It was disturbing yet I couldn't stop reading. I wanted to hate him and a part of me did, but when I got glimpses of the Caleb that could love another person or the Caleb that felt remorse for the things he'd done-or even the Caleb that would let himself feel THAT Caleb I loved with all my heart because once he knew that it was okay to be human and make mistakes, he was everything Livvie needed-and me too.

Honestly, as effed up as loving him sounds, I would be stupid not to. He was mislead, betrayed, lied to, raped, beaten to a bloody pulp, deceived and transformed into a monster. But it wasn't his fault. Yes, he did bad, very bad unspeakable things.

Very disturbing and unforgiveable things. And I guess there are no excuses for that. BUT because of his fucked up childhood, he didn't know any better.

Seduced in the Dark (The Dark Duet, #2) by C.J. Roberts

Maybe he did as an adult, but he was already in so deep, how can one recover from that? My heart broke for him. I cried for him. I felt his pain, anguish, longing, loneliness, betrayal, hatred I felt all of that too! It was horrible!!! My poor Caleb!! Oh how I would fix you poor, tortured boy!

Caleb Quotes: